Get it?

Take a look at our logo; it summarizes everything we believe in: Simple. Bright. Fun. Do you get the idea? That's who we are. We don't like to make life complicated!

Who we are

Albert Einstein said, "Imagination ... is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” Our families keep us inventive. We are proud of our soft spots and we embrace our kindness, sincerity and frankness. Trustworthy, we are, as Master Yoda would put it.

We have big, bold ideas. We use our imagination in everything we do. We will challenge you – and ourselves – to step outside of the box!

What we do

Hoks! We leave space to imagination and insight. We find
that connecting with the needs, desires and motivations
of real people helps to inspire fresh ideas.
And it leads to the best solutions.

While learning and training are our
favorite frolicking fields, we also enjoy creating
concepts and designing campaigns and events.

We design exercise books, worksheets, sales aids, trainer guides,
handouts, PowerPoints, curriculums, online training programs, eLearning
modules, marketing campaigns, trainings, guides and manuals…
Printed, online, events – you name it, we've got it covered!
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Leave it all to us, you just sit back and enjoy! Simple, bright and fun, remember?

HOKS Oy, Lautatarhankatu 6, 00580 Helsinki, Finland

Pipsa Salminen,
Account Manager
+358 40 507 5473